Sunday, April 20, 2008

CD junkie in a world of digitization [4/20/08]

I have to say, I never thought it would come to this. I'm actually starting to think of putting a large number of my CD collection in the attic. I'm a junkie, er collector, of "Christian", spiritual, or otherwise music. Everything from acoustic, Celtic, hardcore, post rock, jazz, ambient, trance, alternative, singer-songwriter, etc..., I have made it my hobby and habit for over 25 years. I am not slowing down either. It doesn't have to be of a "Christian" nature either. There is just so much music, I am forced to categorize and prioritize what I personally digest. I support a number of independent artists and bands from the past and those still plugging away:
the violet burning
Bill Mallonee/Vigilantes Of Love
the 77's
Adam Again (RIP - Gene Andrusco gone on with God)
the Choir
the Autumns
Jacobstone/now Northern Room
the Prayer Chain
the Call
Sam Phillips
Umphrey's McGee
Over The Rhine
Peter Case
the Cure
Daniel Amos
Unwed Sailor
Saxon Shore
Gov't Mule
the Innocence Mission
Tonio K
Lie Damned Lies
Life In General
Michael McDermott

I'm sure this list will keep evolving. I just know that it's time to begin moving some of my 700+ CD's upstairs. I have that much stored as mp3's. I have a little one to think about. Plus, iPods and hard drives are great for storing.

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