Friday, November 28, 2008

The Chapters - Wife (EP)

The Chapters
Wife (EP)
©2008 Independent

When I first received this disc, I was not sure what to think from the artwork. A partially dressed man and woman are viewed from the neck to the knees sitting on the edge of a bed. I slipped the disc in and was pleasantly surprised by the music. A mix of predominantly Cure-esque sensibility with a feel of the Autumns and Radiohead off in the distance invaded my eardrums. It got my attention.

Upon much further listening, I was somewhat taken aback by the lyrical content. The subject matter is of an adult manner, at times overtly crude, and dealing with sensual and sexual intimacy. It is boring and repetitive in its depiction of a woman as an object. If this is your thing, then check the Chapters out. This will probably become a Frisbee. Freedom of expression can be a good thing, if dealing with real life issues. I just hope the lyrical thought is from that vantage point, rather than an excuse for artistic freedom. The music cannot make up for the sadly empty lyrical direction. Sadly, I was somewhat disheartened and disgusted.

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November 2008

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