Friday, November 28, 2008

Moonlit Sailor - A Footprint Of Feelings

Moonlit Sailor
A Footprint Of Feelings
©2008 Friend Of Mine

This post-rock band from Sweden is much in the same vein as other counterparts Explosions In The Sky, Saxon Shore, Six Parts Seven, and Unwed Sailor to name a few. Non-assuming in nature, there are patterns of swelling and subsiding, like an ocean wave are pounded out in this modern rock masterpiece. This may sound to my wife as constant noise going nowhere, but I personally get it. With songs like the title, “Night Stroll” and “Waterfall”, it compares easily to the crescendo and decrescendo of a classical orchestral suite. The rising and falling is what can easily draw the listener in, Regrettably, much of the post-rock genre will not catch on in any vein of the mainstream or the “alternative rock” mainstream. This is a good thing for those fans that want to keep this stuff to themselves, but a larger audience is missing out on something beautiful in this music without words. I just wish this were longer.

9.5 of 10 clicks
November 2008

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