Friday, November 28, 2008

Warlight - The Bloodchronicles

The Bloodchronicles
©2007 Whirlwind Records

For fans of the Misfits and the Clash, comparisons never tasted sweeter. The rowdy music that provided a generation of punk rockers with some meat can be sensed here, but with a spiritual twist. This has been in my rotation for a while now. The disc is raucous, cohesive, and solidly produced.

You would never know this to be a Norwegian band, but Warlight gives the impression of a sweaty, tattooed, heart-on-sleeve band playing in dimly lit dives pumping their fists in unison. Hard to pick, the stand out tracks include “Death To Babylon”, “Snake Blood”, “Drive Me In The Firewagon”, and “Hypocrites And Alibis”. Get your hands on this if you can.

9.5 of 10 clicks
November 2008

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