Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hands - The Sounds of Earth

The Sounds of Earth
©2009 Facedown Records

When I read on their myspace page, a month or so ago, that this young band was being influenced by the post-rock outfit Isis, my eyes bugged out a bit. They since have added Life In Your Way and Misery Signals. After hearing a few of the songs, I was hooked. Combining a heavy, at times ambient texture, with scream growling, melody, and some spoken verse, Hands has a powerful, overwhelming sound that pushes you down again and again under its weight.

Having randomly met their drummer, Josh Silbernagel, at Cornerstone 2008, I never would have place the style with the drummer. I am more than pleasantly surprised. Not being overly impressed with the whole hardcore screamo genre in general, this caught me off guard, in a good way.

“The Sounds of Earth” was released back in 2/09, with their newest “Creator” slated for 7/21/09 release. This covers the spectrum of themes from heavy and dark to resolute hope. It is powerfully sonic and fluid. From the brooding songs, “Judgment”, “Mercy” and “Despair”, to the hard rocking spoken word masterpiece, “Hope”, combined with semi and full post-rock pieces aptly placed, the opening “Beginning”, “Communion”, the title track, and “Ignorance”, Hands has masterfully carved itself out a powerful niche in this hard music, mostly without words, genre. Even the epic 9+ minute “Revelation” is a monster.

10 of 10 clicks
June 2009

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