Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michael McDermott - Hey La Hey

Michael McDermott
Hey La Hey

It feels like just the other day that I reviewed Mr. McDermott. The man is a wind up minstrel who wears life on his collective sleeves. You hear it in every song, every lyrical stanza, and every shred of chord structure. A passion like his doesn’t come around every day, but when it does, be ready. “Hey La Hey” continues down the same dust filled road that is Michael McDermott’s life experience. He is a veteran of heart and soul, sometimes tattered, weary, and questioning, but always deep. This time he enlists the lovely voice of Kate York on “Hard To Break” and his singer/songwriter wife, Heather Horton, on BGV’s elsewhere.

Looking collectively at his discography, “Hey La Hey” is his most positive and uplifting release to date while still having the punch of past recordings. It could be his recent marriage having something to do with the good feel vibe. There’s still the veritable heartbreaker here and there, but the tunnel light is shining brighter than other releases. Another solid effort by McDermott just continues to make my collection bigger.

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October 2009

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