Monday, June 28, 2010

FIrst day of C-Stone 20Ten

It's 4 AM and I slept in my car this night. In a line of familiar trekkers, all of us waiting for the gate to open so we can claim a small plot of land in which to set up camp. All of this for being a part of the experience; the experience of hearing a band squeezed into a restricted time slot. A sea of people to see a smaller core of bands, somewhere between 100 and 300ish I presume, trying to get our ears for attention. You would think you could hear a number of them, but that's just not the case. Some veterans get the primo slots with little competition. Other wanna-bes, the struggling club/bar band, just want an opportunity to be heard. While waiting in line last night, members of the hardcore band The Gun Show, on the schedule for one of the smaller generator stages, don't even have their tickets yet. They were basically begging folks for spare change to raise for 3 tickets. I've got to admire their heart though not very smart. The cool thing about Cornerstone is the sea of people. Somehow that band will find a way in the sea of people.