Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mehida - The Eminent Storm

The Eminent Storm
©2009 Bullroser Records

Generally, it takes a few listens through a disc before I reach a conclusion, but Mehida’s sophomore follow up to 2007’s “Blood And Water” took me awhile. The verdict is the toughest part. This is an album that wants to reach epic proportions, but doesn’t quite measure up.

Classic heavy metal with hints of prog throughout, Mehida is definitely a talented bunch of guys from Finland. Lead vocalist Thomas Vikstrom shows good versatility for a baritone, occasionally stretching those limits with some heavy metal chops. The mix could have brought out more of the guitars, but that could just be personal preference.

The strongest track on this is the classic metal track “Dream Giver” with its catchy chorus and nice guitar solo. Speaking of solos, there’s not much to be had elsewhere. Dark in theme throughout and minor chords abounding, which I’m usually drawn to like a moth to a flame, this whole disc leaves me wanting more. It just sounds at points incomplete, like they could have flexed their musical muscles even further.

7 of 10 clicks
August 2010

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