Monday, April 4, 2011

sosaveme. - A Ghost At Sea

A Ghost At Sea
(c)2009 Independent

Having toured since 2005, these Michigan boys have a versatile sound about them. Though this is their first full release, two prior EP's, they have what is described as a "passionate and aggressive indie-rock" vibe. The music is somewhat a marriage between post-grunge and emo, with enough indie sensibilities to embrace without restraint.

"A Ghost At Sea" is a fluid listen that keeps drawing you back for more. I have not quite figured out what draws me though. The title track, "A Death Of Adam", and "Colossus" are probably the strongest rockers, with the remainder being a cross of down tempo, heavy ballad, and melodic AOR. An impassioned vocal delivery, with thoughtfully placed harmonies and a choral feel on a couple numbers, makes this rise above the din of noise currently out there. Memorable, but easy to get lost

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April 2011

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