Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Hill To Die Upon - Omens

A Hill To Die Upon
©2011 Bombworks Records

This is one of the few times that I’ve given a black/death metal CD a chance and actually enjoyed it to the point of not wanting to claw at my ears. A technical onslaught of incredibly tight rhythm/lead guitar riffs and a double kick drummer that doesn’t quit, “AHTDU has played Cornerstone Music Festival consistently since 2005 as well as Destruction Fest in London, England and Nordic Fest in Oslo, Norway in 2009 with great reaction from their European fans. In 2010 ATHDU journeyed south to Mexico where they left the smell of blood at three festivals.” (from their info page on Facebook) The album was recorded by Whitecross alum, Rex Carroll and is well balanced in the mix, not overly strong on the low end with a good metal guitar vibe throughout, and the sick vocals sound incredible!

Killer tracks are “The Perfection Of Evil”, the down-tempo instrumental “Nehushtan”, the brutal “May The Thing Be Destroyed”, and their take on “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down”. AHTDU stands firm with other heavyweights in this extreme genre.

9 of 10 clicks
November 2011

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