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Daniel Band - Runnin' Out Of Time (Retroarchives Edition)

Daniel Band
Runnin' Out Of Time
1988/2012 Retroactive Records

The final studio release by Canadian hard rockers Daniel Band couldn't have been more aptly titled. Continuing in the same tradition that caused many headbangers whiplash with their heavy Triumph-flavored rock and roll, this would regrettably be their swan song in the 80's CCM machine. I still remember being so psyched when I heard "Hold On" on Q107 back when this first came out!

I'm totally digging the remastering by J Powell! It has brought new life to both this and "Rise Up" (1986 originally) to the point that I'm rediscovering and absorbing the aesthetics of each song. The first time was through Refuge Records, which, God love 'em, was one of the original indie labels. Like a double edged sword, before indie was the veritable cool thing, they also suffered from poor distribution then (cough...Christian bookstores) and generally poorer production of vinyl, and subsequently the first round of CD's in the market. Needless to say, rhythm and lead guitar solos are crisper and fuller, Dan McCabe and Toni Rossi's vocals aren't over-saturated, but they are prominent at the right level in the mix. At least this writer thinks it's right.

It's difficult to separate any song above the other, as they blend together. Not necessarily a good thing up against a full body of work, this is the weakest of their five studio releases. This is still good, but not as memorable. Now having said that, I've always liked the title song the most (mostly guitar solo), but the Maxell-in-armchair knock over is their new song. Unsure of how recently written, "One" almost doesn't sound like DB. Wolfmother is my closest thought. Regardless, it gives me hope that they are independently working on more material. Hint, hint?

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April 2012

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