Monday, July 23, 2012

Moritat - Clill Blanzin

Clill Blanzin
(c)2012 Independent
Greeted by a cascading guitar that beckons fireworks, a retro indie beat kicks in and is pretty much embedded into the fabric of Moritat's project. The female vocals of mixed with the video game soundtrack effect/Casio keyboard over an indie rock rhythm section makes the DIY approach even stronger. Refreshing!
Moritat is a power trio from Chicago comprised of vocalist and keyboardist Venus Laurel, bassist Konstantin Jace and drummer Corey McCafferty. Her vocals remind me a little of Riki Michele, former background vocalist with Adam Again, yet the feel of the quirky actress Zoey Daschaenel with its playfulness. This is fun DJ-on-the-dance floor-ish indie pop, as in they could have easily been the opening band touring with Daniel Amos back in the 80's.
8.5 of 10 clicks
July 2012
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easyfriend said...

Sir , the album is call CLILL BLANZIN .

thecannyshark said...

Sorry about that. I made the change. Thanks for the feedback.