Saturday, July 24, 2010

Moonlit Sailor - So Close To Life

Moonlit Sailor
So Close To Life
©2009 Deep Elm Records

When music resonates deep within you, especially of the instrumental post-rock variety, repeat sonic adventures come whatever the mood. "So Close To Life", Moonlit Sailor's second release, resonates deeply with each listen, so much so that I find myself closing my eyes often and soaking it all in.

Preparing myself for reviewing post-rock usually takes more of a creative approach, but these guys from Sweden have made it easier. Playing it on the way home from a late night movie, I couldn’t remember the song titles (I’ve enjoyed it multiple times). As the first song slowly began to wash over me, I literally was picturing a sunbeam breaking through the early morning clouds and adding more sunrays as the song built. This was purely a case of accurately interpreting the theme. “Sunbeams” starts out with a positive vibrancy that bleeds right over into “Hope”. Brilliant! The soundscape painted throughout has an orchestral, albeit electric, nuance that begs the listener to come and play in the lush fields they have created.

I am so impressed by the stunning beauty of each individual composition (not going to call them songs here) that trying to differentiate between a crescendo and decrescendo within the framework of a given piece is a task more akin to a poet or wordsmith. Suffice it to say, Moonlit Sailor has taken post-rock to a captivating, beautiful level. Do yourself a big favor and get your hands on this.

10 of 10 clicks
July 2010

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