Friday, November 28, 2008

Jean-Paul De Roover - ...Dichotomy...

Jean- Paul De Roover
©2008 Independent

This little project is a precursor or taste of a fuller project yet to come. The bio made comparisons to King Crimson and the like. This is pushing it mildly. Jean-Paul De Roover is a fairly talented guitarist, but self-produced works run the risk of missing the nuances that come from a quality mixing engineer and producer. A lot of artists have labels that pay for the time to go into a quality studio with a reputable producer. Smaller studios and producers are trying to build their collective resumes to earn that respect. With that said, “…Dichotomy…” needs some tweaking around the edges. It is an alright “starter” disc, but needs a bigger budget with a deepr and better mix.

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Novemeber 2008

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