Friday, November 28, 2008

L.S.U. - Grace Shaker

Grace Shaker
©1994 Alarma

Of all the Mike Knott/L.S.U. discography, only a few stand above the others. “This Is The Healing”, “Shaded Pain”, “The Grape Prophet”, “Grace Shaker”, and “Rocket And A Bomb” are arguably his most prolific and powerfully twisted works. Every disc beyond those has its place in the sometimes manic and peppered archive that the dedicated fan will search for high and low. I may need to find another copy of this for significant wear and tear over time. Blame that car stereo.

“Grace Shaker” is one of those heart-on-veritable-broken-sleeve projects that came a couple of years after the demise of Blonde Vinyl Records. All of the different incarnations over the years (Lifesavers, L.S. Underground, L.S.U., Michael Knott, Mike Knott, Michael Gerard Knott, and most recently Three Rovers and Struck Last May) are just outlets for brilliance, bordering at times on insanity, of this artist. “Grace Shaker” was released during the peak of production for these personalities.

Knott has always had a thing for stringed instruments. Evident in the slower numbers “Blame”, “Grace” and “Christ Saves”, it is usually a sparse violin or cello. The album moves from a subtle and somber penitent spirit to chaotic, frenzied rockers (”Bad Disease”, the instrumental “Shaker”, “Kill Will”, and “Freedom”). Seeing Mike Knott in concert a number of times, he has regularly performed a few songs from this project. Because of the faith issues tackled here, “Grace Shaker” will stand the test of time as one of his best efforts.

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November 2008

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