Friday, November 28, 2008

Quickflight - Decent Beat

Decent Beat
©1983 StarSong

This Vancouver, B.C. band gave the 1980’s CCM scene a honest-to-goodness new wave band to dance to. Did I say dance? Oh yeah! This was my undergraduate Christian college that told me I couldn’t dance. Anyway, Quickflight was one of those bands lost in the shuffle with the poorly managed Tunesmith Records. The label had a shoestring budget for production and promotion. I was lucky to even get my hands on any of their catalog of albums.

“Decent Beat” was a somewhat stylistic departure from their debut, “Breakaway”. This second album had much more of a Euro-pop, dream-synth approach. Favorite cuts are “Water Of Life”, “Metro Alien”, “Fantasy”, and “Safety In Numbers”. If you had a fascination with new wave music during its peak, you owe it to yourself to find a copy used on eBay or elsewhere. In the words of Terry Taylor, in reacquainting myself with this, I took “…another trip down memory lane”.

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November 2008

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