Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Apprentice - self-titled

The Apprentice
©2008 Future Destination Records

Based in Evansville, IN, The Apprentice delivers alternative roots rock with a workman-like approach. Akin to the Hotshot Freight Train and Damien Jurado, their sound has a blue-collar aura surrounding it, at times bare bones and basic with minor chords permeating through the song structure. A lyrical yearning is the undercurrent that keeps most of their debut from predictability. It resonates at the common man level and would fit well played in a small, intimate club setting.

Strong tracks include the Nivana-ish “Riverside”, “disease”, a song about racism and bigotry, and the rocker, “Tracks”. For a debut this is memorable and shows potential for leaving a mark.

8 of 10 clicks
January 2009

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