Saturday, March 21, 2009

Doug Burr -The Shawl

Doug Burr
The Shawl
©2009 Velvet Blue Music

If modern worship formulas did not so dominate the radio airwaves or saturate the heart of today’s mega-churches and the wannabe’s, we might smell the sweeter aromas of humbler offerings to God. In other words, the pretentious flavor of the month cannot hold a candle to “The Shawl”. Velvet Blue being one of the last places I would look to find a gem like this.

Having stated the aforementioned, Doug Burr uses the Psalms with authority and grace, yet delicately meanders along through the poetry without it sounding pushy. Sparse, open nuances fill in the background gorgeously with his acoustic presence front and center. Think Denison Witmer backed by a restrained Six Parts Seven or Saxon Shore.

This fluid moment in time passes all too quickly, therefore making favorite tracks nearly indistinguishable. If there are any tracks that rise above the others, “Surely God Is Good To Israel”, “And We Will Be Saved”, and “Which We Have Heard And Known” are my picks. Though, after my dad’s recent passing, the last track, “In The Lord I Take Refuge” was the first song I numbly played on my iPod, taking solace in a larger Creator. Maybe, this is why the disc has meant more to me.

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March 2009

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