Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gary Murray & LN - Downstream Angels

Gary Murray & LN
Downstream Angels
©2009 Velvet Blue Music

If Starflyer 59 were turned down a notch to acoustic fluttering with soft ambiance covering the landscape, it would reside somewhere in Gary Murray’s backyard. Lush dreamscapes shoulder the almost eerie motifs, rhythms, and synthetic textures on “Downstream Angels”. At face value, a mid-western shoegazer mentality exists on this “solo” effort, joining with his former low-core band mates from LN.

Favorite tracks on this eight song disc include a truly great number, “The Lost Art Of Mending Wings”, which plays like an extended romantic/gothic lullaby, the breathy, hushed “Moya”, and the spaciously simple “Minotaur”. “Downstream Angels” goes down smooth, like a sweet elixir by the fireplace on a cold day. I just wish this were a longer listen, so I could milk the drink deeper.

9.5 of 10 clicks
March 2009

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