Saturday, March 21, 2009

John Mark McMillan - The Medicine

John Mark McMillan
The Medicine
©2008 Independent

An impression struck me as I repeatedly absorbed this CD. Cleverly hidden lyrics lean toward a more worshipful vibe under the surface. Some artists/bands will try to hide the fact they are either worship rock or leaders in their local church attempting to ride the popular swell of “worship music”. However they try to dress their myspace page up with labels such as ‘modern’, ‘rock’, ‘Christian’, ‘alternative’, or ‘experimental’, they pretty much serve up the same slice of sugary-filled pie. Occasionally, something better than a slice of pie presents itself.

A natural outpouring flows from John Mark McMillan’s prose. To his credit, he provides a fresh slant on the uplifting aspect of ‘worship music’ without the saturated vibe that has completely overshadowed the modern church. Think Charlie Hall or Robbie Seay Band with even less modern hip clich√©-ism.

“Skeleton Bones” is a great rocking anthem number, while the title track shows a Springsteen-ish workman quality. Other powerful songs are “Dress Us Up”, “Death In His Grave”, “Out Of The Ground”, and “Ten Thousand”. This disc is far from the fodder hitting the radio airwaves and churches en masse. I recommend you discover this artist for yourself.

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March 2009

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