Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jack London - White Suit Getting Brown

Jack London
White Suit Getting Brown
©2009 North Pole Media

From start to finish, this is awesome! Every ember of my musical senses spun in rapture each time I played this. From Iceland, the Jack London plays a style ahead of the curve with much of today’s rock offerings, incorporating everything from Brit-rock flavorings to grunge-like leanings to soul to slightly psychedelic. Their lyrical and musical perspective is broader, calling themselves indie blues. At times, it sounds like Freddie Mercury on a lot of caffeine.

The absolute killer cut on this is “Why Can’t We All”, conjuring a blues jam that still brings goose bumps. Other strong cuts on this fluid disc include “Lordy Lord”, “Perfect Ceiling”, “Shameless”, “Clown Town”, and “Life Spin”. “White Suit Getting Brown” moves me deeply. From the blues-inspired writing to the thoughtfully placed orchestrations, this never lets up.

10 of 10 clicks
March 2009

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