Sunday, May 3, 2009

Corpus Christ - The Darker Shades Of White

Corpus Christi
The Darker Shades Of White
©2009 Victory Records

Bombastic metal meets strong hardcore screamo with melodic undertones to create this sonic whiplash. If I put my head in a blender and mixed it with dominating, crunching rhythms, that would nearly encapsulate the Corpus Christi experience. After awhile, this genre begins sounding monotonous when the sound is monotonous.

At times, the bass, drums, and screaming are overbearing in the mix, while unique elements are fewer and farther between. Too many hardcore bands sound like the other currently. Maybe the younger audience for this genre wants a steady diet of hoarse, raspy vocals with a stale, unimaginative background. Maybe it is too much to ask for the quality of Underoath, Zao, or Living Sacrifice. After repeated listens, I felt the urge to grab one of the aforementioned.

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May 2009

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