Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conspiracy Of Thought - Nothing More Than Light

Conspiracy Of Thought
Nothing More Than Light
©2009 Independent

I’m sure you have the phrase, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Well, put this in the never-judge-a-supposed-metal-band-by-its-cover category too. The lead singer looks a distant cousin of Saviour Machine’s Mark Clayton (very unique hairstyle). No comparison beyond that can be made to SM or the brooding-look-means-brooding-metal on this disc or their myspace page. Interweaving hard rock, Nu metal, rap rock and almost heavy blues, Conspiracy Of Thought has pieced together an interesting disc.

It stands to reason that some bands attempt gimmickry to catch the public interest. Getting past the hair and the brooding appearance of the band, COT is a quality amusement ride. Their apparent push for radio single, “Nothing More Than Light”, covered twice with radio mix, has all the hooks you could want. The feeling, however, after the ride is over leaves me somewhat empty. Maybe stylistically, COT is all over the map, but it’s not all cohesive. It has its moments. Incorporating industrial flair throughout over the different styles does keep it interesting, but walking away creates memory loss.

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June 2009

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