Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Undying Allegiance - Don’t Panic! (We Are In Control)

Undying Allegiance
Don’t Panic! (We Are In Control)
©2009 Independent

Hard hitting, melodic alt-rock with a modern punk spirit smashing down the competition describes UA. Melding together emo-like vocals with a predictable modern rock formula should work. I honestly couldn’t figure out the first few times listening why this didn’t sit well with me. All too often, the lead vocalist hammers out a melody that refuses to rest on a tonal center, even for a second. At times, intonation is even suspect.

I really tried to wrap my head around this disc, but with predictable formulas and a vocalist who prefers a melody line that trails or drops off, I am more annoyed than amused.

6 of 10 clicks
June 2009

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