Saturday, November 7, 2009

X-Sinner - World Covered In Blood

World Covered In Blood
©2009 Image Records

I remember when these guys first came on the scene on A&M, and then Pakaderm Records. I absolutely loved the raw, blues soaked, AC/DC compared sound then. Now, it’s hip to be into the retro sound of hard rock/metal bands from the 80’s and 90’s. I never stopped being a fan of X-Sinner. Now that I put that to rest, “World Covered In Blood” is a dose of fist pumping for the soul. It’s good for a long road trip or for an air guitar thumping in the house.

There is one glaring area that beckons criticism, however. The production needed to have been better mastered. The vocals sit back in the mix. The music kicks you know what, but Rex Scott’s vocals are overpowered by everything. This is one of the main reasons why “Christian rock” at times lagged behind their secular counterparts in decades past. It is great, impassioned rock and roll, but independent releases sometimes run up against this wall. Get someone who knows how to push this further and over the edge, and it would be fantastic!

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November 2009

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