Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nitengale - Threatres

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When I first listened to this CD, I was completely shocked and absorbed. Big dramatic piano and feedback-drenched guitars with a yearning vocalist makes an unbeatable combination. I am kicking myself that I didn’t catch their show at C-Stone ’09 and that these guys aren’t bigger than the sound coming out of the speakers! And who would think that Alaska could produce music of this caliber? I know Sarah Palin lives there and some great fishing experiences can be had, but come on now! They have since bitten the bug and moved to Nashville. Breathing this in reminds me somewhat of the grandiose elements of Denison Mars and maybe Coldplay kicked up a notch or two.

The disc kicks off with a blistering affront of guitars, then a vocal that beckons one along for the ride on “Theatres”. “Searchlights And Saving Grace” would have you think a follow up ballad on the cusp, but you would be so wrong. A haunting chorus-like vocal supports it, bringing an intense, passionate element to push it over the edge. As a matter of fact, the driving elements mixed with clean guitar feedback throughout help to bring out the fullness of Joshua Baumgartner’s vocals.

I love when a rock band incorporates driving piano and can glean the best from it. It dominates here, but is also just another instrument in the ensemble. Spacious and anthem-like, with an overarching romantic passion in the vocals, almost emo-ish, Nightengale is poised for greater stomping grounds. The disc is smack solid with nary a rotten one in the bunch, running like a natural, bubbling spring from atop a mountain. I enthusiastically recommend this to anyone wanting some fresh air in their lungs.

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November 2009


average girl said...

Nitengale is amazing they are really friendly if you get the chance to meet them.

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