Sunday, March 14, 2010

AuRevoir Borealis - Dark Enough for Stars

Au Revoir Borealis
Dark Enough for Stars
(c)2008 Utter East

There is an absolute dreamy quality to this release by this Detroit collective called Au Revoir Borealis. Nestled somewhere among the Cocteau Twins, Bon Voyage, the Innocence Mission, and Sigur Ros, they effortlessly take their cue for creating atmospheric dreamscapes that plod along into the listener's subconscience. I am thoroughly amazed by the haunting, almost angelic vocals of Stephanie Halpert McWalters.

Shoegazer sensibilities mix with ambient guitars, layered synth, and even orchestral elements to create a truly unique sound. At times, densely layered and other points subdued, "Dark Enough for Stars" has left an insoluble mark in this reviewer's collection. I highly recommend this for those looking for a sense of beauty in their muical landscape.

10 of 10 clicks
March 2010

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