Thursday, April 1, 2010

L.S. Underground - PTSD

L.S. Underground
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Michael Knott has returned. The ubiquitous enigma that has never quite fit within the cushy confines of the Christian market, but always by his definition, has come back on the scene. After a few year hiatus, his “underground” personality has resurfaced. He actually has been around, just on the indy level. This particular disc has been in the making for a while now. Harkening back to the raw feeling of “Wakin’ Up The Dead” and “This Is The Healing”, but with some severe new twists, “PTSD” literally is a tribute to returning soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. It features the talents of Michael Knott, Jim Chaffin from the Crucified, Brian Doidge, Josh Lory, Matt Biggers, Daniel Sonner, Casey James Prestwood, and Rick McDonough.

Coming out of the gate, “Acclimation” sounds like a heavy garage song with double kick bass drums. Brian Doidge’s guitar quirkiness you can hear all over the place on “Souls Are So Low”. The disc is incredibly fluid for an old school punk meets garage meets post punk vibe. “My Redemption” is a self-indulgent acoustic spin, “Gonna get my truck, gonna get my car…I got my L.S. Underground.” I absolutely loved it! “Child’s Prayer” is a strong song that stuck out to me with the guttural screaming, “…Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, help my dad…” It hit me right there in the heart. His classic “Shaded Pain” is revisited and retooled in “Shades Of Pain” with a darker, minor feel. It’s a good update too. The disc clocks in over 42 minutes. Other killer tracks are “Miss America”, “Lights Out”, and “What Is Love Fighting For”.

If you are new to Michael Knott/Lifesavers/L.S. Underground/etc, you can avail yourself of one fan’s tribute site, Matt Crosslin gives a very detailed and thorough job of covering all things Knott. For longtime fans, this is a must have. It ranks high up there in the underground stuff with “Shaded Pain”, “This Is The Healing”, “Cash In Chaos”, and “Grace Shaker”…just one writer’s opinion. “If God is love, what is love fighting for?”

10 of 10 clicks (Did you expect less?)
April 1, 2010