Thursday, April 1, 2010

Orphan Project - Spooning Out The Sea

Orphan Project
Spooning Out The Sea
©2009 Independent

Orphan Project is commercially accessible prog rock complete with symphonic leanings. Created in part by, you can hear influences from Kansas, Asia, Yes, and Spock's Beard running through many parts of this release. It's a crime when music of this caliber is not being played on the airwaves on a consistent basis. There's enough "oomph" in this to even draw some comparison to Dream Theater.

The whole release is solid enough that picking out individual standout tracks is difficult. “Angels Desire” is a straightforward rocker with nice hooks. “To Me” has great harmonies and organ. “One Dark Moment (Providence)” is a radio friendly power ballad with an incredible guitar solo.

Lead vocalist, Shane Lankford, has ample chops to get the job down without overburdening the listener with needless soaring vocals, just great command of the melody. A nice blend of instruments and vocals makes for a fluid listen. Get your hands on this if you can, especially for all the prog fans out there.

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April 2010

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