Monday, October 11, 2010

Coriolis - The Endless Funeral

The Endless Funeral
©2010 YoungSide Records

Five years ago, Jonathan P. Stamets brought us his vision of industrial/gothic music with Coriolis’ debut. Having been given a taste of the human condition where people will fail each one of us, he has returned with a dark, rather cynical offering in “The Endless Funeral”. Musically, it does not reach the level that Circle Of Dust, Klank, or Generation, naming a few from within the spiritual realm, nor the gamut of Nine Inch Nails. Instead, sonically speaking, it’s tamer, almost approaching radio friendly at points. Not an overtly bad thing, Stamets spent more time developing and sharing his story of disappointment and disillusionment. It is solidly produced, though I do wish the industrial elements had been explored further.

Memorable tracks include “Welcome To My World (Part 1)”, the positive “Thank You”, and the title cut. Otherwise, musically speaking, it doesn’t nearly coalesce. There are elements of keyboard under the surface at times that are almost more pop oriented or dance-like. The guitar is solid throughout, as well as the rhythm section, but as a whole this skims against forgettable. If this was to be an angst-filled offering, it comes off as a bit too vanilla.

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October 2010

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