Sunday, October 17, 2010

Illuminandi - In Via

In Via
©2010 Ars Mundi

In reviewing this Polish metal band’s last EP release, “Illumina Tenebras Meas”, I was taken back by the attempt to merge classical elements with metal growling. They were not just being technically sound, as some metal bands attempt by exploring the classical genre. They actually brought in orchestral instruments, such as the cello, violin, and flute. It worked too. They carry on with this hybrid of genres in “In Via” with authority.

I have to admit that I haven’t been the biggest fan of the guttural growling that accompanies much of the heavier death metal scene, but here, Illuminandi does it tastefully in the mix. The melody overshadows in “The Promise”, while the melodic and growl intermingle on “Poczekalnia”. My favorite cuts are “Wejdz”, “Reborn”, the somewhat Celtic “W Drodze”, and the down tempo “…I O Tym Drugim…”

In terms of being different within an overcrowded scene, Illuminandi rises above many of the other technical stalwarts, and does so with bravado.

9 of 10 clicks
October 2010

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