Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jerusalem - She

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Ulf Christiansson at the age of 60 is not resting one iota on his laurels. God has burned a deep passion within him to share Christ with those who are lost and destined for an eternity apart. I still remember the seeking eyes of the lead singer, desperately pleading with those attending during their In His Majesty's Service tour in 1985. It was like the man was possessed of an ancient truth that he was commissioned to breathe upon the masses that would hear. Granted, what had drawn me to Jerusalem's music were the blistering metal-tinged hard rock, the sweltering guitar work, and the unflinching message I had embraced from Warrior. In concert, there was almost this baseline groove that Ulf would catapult from to preach his commissioned message that was beyond the traditional altar call of the times.

Catapult now 30 plus years ahead since being introduced stateside through Lamb & Lion, then Refuge Records, and Ulf's vision continues. It is a reinvigorated project that sounds every bit as fresh as it did 30 years ago. Man, he does not sound 60!

"She" opens up with a thundering wall of guitar and rhythm in "Calling On". "Come On" buries any notion of an aging rocker mellowing out as he using an almost modern blues rock chant to help deliver the message. "I Want To Leave Her" has an almost U2-like vibe, but broader if possible. Favorite cuts are "Supernatural", "Amos 5", and "The Story Of D". Clocking in at 71 minutes, there is nary a soft spot as this plays like a book you can pick up over and over again, never getting bored with the internal theme. The passion of the early days still exists, but with a reckless abandon.

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