Sunday, May 3, 2009

Luther-N - Dogmatics

©2008 YoungSide Records

Ex-Junker Jorg front man, Shane Sowers has pulled together a power trio, his wife and creatively gifted guitarist, Danny Han, mixing classic rock and metal over a bed of Nu-metal beats and synth programming. This Honolulu, Hawaii based band has created a fresh sound to enhance their modern day reformation-style lyrics.

The song “Confession” brings our revolving sin nature door to light:
“Let’s go - It’s a suspicion that
there’s something wrong inside of me
What evil lurking in the dark inside, I cannot see
But no denial no re-trial all the vile never goes
This is real what we’re feeling now does everybody know
Please let me know you know
Please let me know
You’re here with me don’t leave it alone.”

The disc is incredibly fluid, rocking, and makes you want to come back for more. Killer and stellar tracks are “Rest In Peace”, “I Believe”, “The Show”, and the Nu-metalish “The Table”.

Grasping the listener by the ears on “Reformation”, Shane writes:
“I’ve come to fight for sola
My conscience is captive to the Word
You come to bring another package of rationalism
I take the gift and take it to the hall of violation
You come to bring another package of empiricism
I take the gift and watch it fall before dogmatism.”

This is a strong, decidedly in-your-face release for all the right reasons.

10 of 10 clicks
May 2009

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